Friday, January 28, 2022

Dillashaw Accused Of Sending Spies to Record Cory Sandhagen Training

TJ Dillashaw is being accused of cheating again fresh off his return from a two-year USADA suspension.

TJ Dillashaw will be making his return to competition for the first time in over two years when he takes on Cory Sandhagen on May 8. In 2019, Dillashaw was suspended for testing positive for EPO on a USADA drug test. The former bantamweight champion swears that this was a one-time foul that was prompted by his struggles to cut down to 125 pounds for his flyweight debut against Henry Cejudo.

Meanwhile, some have speculated that he has been cheating his entire career. Former training partner and opponent Cody Garbrandt went beyond speculation and full-on claimed with certainty that Dillashaw is a career-long cheat. Now, Dillashaw is in the headlines for cheating once again, but this time it’s not for taking a drug and, in fact, it’s without any hard evidence.

Justin Wetzell, a featherweight who competes for LFA and trains with Cory Sandhagen at Elevation Fight Team, feels certain that Dillashaw is again trying to gain an unfair advantage over his opponent.

#Desperate TJ has spies coming to record and watch Sandhagen spar. 2 of Duane Ludwigs students (never seen them before) came to Elevation sparring and pulled out the phone when his rounds started… then the morons went to IG and bragged about it on their story. #SnakeInTheGrass,” Wetzell wrote on Twitter.

Cory Sandhagen himself has been critical of Dillashaw, believing that his USADA suspension should disqualify him from an instant title shot. The UFC apparently agreed that Dillashaw needs a win before challenging for the title, as the promotion decided to book him against Sandhagen in a bout that is virtually guaranteed to be a title eliminator. If Wetzell’s accusations are true, then Dillashaw will have some extra, exclusive footage to use in his preparations for this contest. But for the time being, these accusations are just that: accusations that may or may not be true or relevant come May 8.

Do you believe TJ Dillashaw spent spies to Elevation Fight Team to gather footage of Cory Sandhagen training?

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