Saturday, October 1, 2022

Dominick Reyes Predicts “Scrub” Jon Jones Will ‘Price Himself Out’ Again

Dominick Reyes has chimed in on the upcoming negotiations between Jon Jones & the UFC for a Ngannou vs. Jones heavyweight showdown.

Dominick Reyes knows what it’s like to be in the middle of negotiations between Jon Jones and the UFC. Following the razor-close yet unanimous-decision win for Jones over him at UFC 247, Reyes immediately began lobbying for a rematch. UFC President Dana White agreed that Jones vs. Reyes II was the fight to make, but Jones insisted that it was time for him to be paid adequately for the rematch as well as any other fight moving forward. He has not fought since.

“Bones” has kept himself busy in his downtime by stacking on a lot of meat in preparation for his upcoming UFC heavyweight debut. All the while, Jones has been consistent that his return to action is contingent on him being paid fairly. After letting the world know that he was willing to follow through on fighting for the heavyweight title after Francis Ngannou became champion at UFC 260, he also included the reminder that he would still need to see a boost in his salary. 

Dominick Reyes Retracts Olive Branch Extended Last Year

Jon Jones Dominick Reyes
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Dominick Reyes, feeling a tinge of déjà vu, issued a prediction of what Jones’s next move will be while simultaneously hoping for his demise should the prediction be proven wrong:

“Congrats homie! @francis_ngannou What a performance! Calm cool collected and deadly! Now take care of that scrub @JonnyBones he priced is way outta our rematch, he’s probably gonna try and do the same with you, but if he does man up plz put this fool in the dirt! #cagejustice,” Reyes posted.

With this tweet, Reyes is reverting back to the type of trash talk he was throwing at Jones to try goading him into accepting the rematch of their UFC 247 bout. The tweet’s tone differs from Reyes’s humble, gracious message of acceptance of Jones’s decision to vacate the light heavyweight title last August:

“Hey @JonnyBones thank you for the experience man, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I know things got a lil crazy, but I just wanted to be pushed beyond my percieved limits by the LHW GOAT again. God bless and God willing we get to dance under those lights again.”

Jones never responded to the above tweet, nor has he directly responded to Reyes’s latest tweet accusing him of “pricing himself out.” He has, however, had plenty to say in response to Dana White and others who have suggested that he doesn’t really want to fight Francis Ngannou.

Do you agree with Dominick Reyes? Will Jon Jones try to price himself out of a fight against Francis Ngannou?

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