Saturday, May 21, 2022

Gervonta Davis Indicted On Charges Related To Hit-And-Run Incident

One of boxing’s biggest superstars Gervonta Davis is in hot water after indictments rained down on the athlete following a hit-and-run car accident last fall, in total, fourteen violations were issued and luckily no fatalities were reported.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Office reported that Davis was driving a 2020 Lamborghini Uris and plowed through a red light well-past midnight. Specifically, the accident occurred at 1:47 a.m. ET and Gervonta Davis struck the front passenger side of a 2004 Toyota Solara that he crashed into. In addition, the driver and three passengers were admitted to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for their injuries and further examination.

Details Of Gervonta Davis’ Hit And Run

When the accident occurred, security cameras were able to capture exactly how the WBA super featherweight and WBA “regular” lightweight champion orchestrated his getaway after crashing into the Toyota Solara.

It appears a female associate or friend of Davis showed up in a black car and the two began to transfer items out of the Lamborghini and quickly escaped the scene of the crime.

According to a statement by the State Attorney, it reads that no serious or chronic lasting injuries occurred as a result of the accident except for the initial damage that was inflicted on the driver.

“Fortunately, the victims in this case were able to survive the alleged hit and run collision with recoverable injuries despite the potential for a far worse scenario,” State Attorney Marillyn Mosby said. “My office will continue to do our part to hold reckless drivers accountable when their harmful actions actions put innocent lives in jeopardy.”

While the driver’s injuries seem to have resolved on their own, the attorney assured the public that they were left with no lasting damage. Indicted with fourteen separate charges, it may be a while before fans get to see Gervonta Davis strap the gloves on again, which is a travesty considering he was well on his way to becoming boxing’s next Floyd Mayweather.

Charges for leaving the scene of a car crash could possibly result in felony charges with the potential of serving up to five years in prison.

When do you think will be the next time we see Gervonta Davis get back in the boxing ring? Let us know below what you think!

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