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Gregor Gillespie Willing To Go Out On Shield Instead Of Losing A Decision

Following a devastating knock-out loss to Kevin Lee, the former NCAA Division I wrestler admits he prefers that result over being outwitted by another wrestler in a lopsided decision.

After the ferocious punch that leads to the stunning head-kick knockout, Gillespie realizes that he got caught and it’s part of the game. However, at UFC Vegas 22, Gregor Gillespie has the opportunity to take back some of the thunder he had but will have to snatch it from City Kick Boxing’s Brad Riddell first. Granted, that won’t be an easy feat considering the New Zealand native is coming in hot on a 6-fight win streak.

Gregor Gillespie Would Rather Get Knocked Out Than Lose A Bad Decision

Despite losing to Lee, Gillespie accepts that the result is easier to digest than say if he would have lost in a wrestling-heavy unanimous decision loss. In the end, the 34-year old believes that’s the worst way to lose is being out-skilled and unable to defend yourself.

Overall, it seems Gillespie is at peace with what happened at UFC 244 and that will only help him moving forward.

“And I want to say this, too, the way I lost was easier to accept for me. And people may be like, what is he talking about? Gregor Gillespie said to MMAJunkie. But that was easier for me to accept than getting beat up for three rounds, or getting taken down and held down.” Gillespie added. “Or, you know, like if I had been drug through the mud and then lost a bad decision that would have hurt me way more.”

With such a huge fight in front of him, Gillespie acknowledges that this fight is a pivotal moment in his career, and that he cannot afford another off-night.

“I got hit by a really nice punch followed by a really clean kick. Gregor Gillespie said. And props to Kevin Lee on that, it was a beautiful combo. And I don’t know if you could do it better than that. It wasn’t lucky, it wasn’t ‘I got caught,’ it was perfectly executed and the credit is to him on that. It wasn’t like, ‘Man I had an off night.’ No, it was really solid on his end,” he concluded.

Leading up to the fight with Riddell, the credentialed wrestler is saying all the right things, so on Saturday night, we find out if Gillespie has taken his time off and used it wisely, or if the City Kick Boxing Gym team has another rising star on it.

Do you believe Gregor Gillespie will rebound against Brad Riddell, who are you taking in this important lightweight battle? Let us know below in the comment section!

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