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GSP Advises Conor McGregor On Career Following Dustin Poirier Loss

Following the former double champion Conor McGregor‘s loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, the Canadian legend George St. Pierre (AKA “GSP”) offered some genuine words of wisdom to the young superstar.

Even though McGregor may not want to hear it, GSP divulged some career guidance that may help the young 32-year old superstar get back on track.

“So when I made my first million of course my life has changed. GSP said to ESPN. I had more security and I didn’t feel that I was fighting for the same reason that I was in the beginning in terms of security. When I was poor at the beginning, I was on the edge. I knew if I lost I would feel death and my life would a mess. But when you get money, these things change,” GSP said.


GSP admitting his life changed after he made his first million dollars should help McGregor understand the path that he’s on. In order to compete with the best, those worldly luxuries sometimes have to be put on the sidelines in order to stay mentally focused.

GSP Advice To Conor Is To Not Listen To His Ego

It seems the legend is trying to convey to McGregor not to let his ego get in the way of proper training and evolution. Perhaps instead of creating his own schedule, the coaches create one for him.

“However, to keep performing, you need to get out of your comfort zone. GSP said. You cannot stay in your comfort zone in a training camp, because you are trying to recreate the same element you can face for a fight. And when you’re in a fight, you won’t be in your comfort zone. It’s imperative if Conor wants to great back on the road to success, he needs to get out of his comfort zone. He needs to not be the boss of the training camp, he needs his coaches to tell him, ‘You need to spar these guys, you need to go there and do this.’ Even if it doesn’t please him, he needs to go through that. Because if you can stay in your comfort zone, the only thing that can happen is you will go down. You need to do that.”

Overall, getting out of one’s comfort zone is a notion GSP believes is essential to the improvement of any fighter. The recommendations by GSP are mostly about giving up control and letting your team help. While at times it’s unpleasing, the former two-weight division champion believes it will be vital for McGregor to get back to his former title form.

Do you believe Conor McGregor will regain the lightweight belt in 2021? Let us know below what you think will happen!

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