Thursday, January 27, 2022

Henry Cejudo Apologizes To Aljamain Sterling Over Criticism At UFC 259

Henry Cejudo has apologized over his criticism Aljamain Sterling.

In the first of three title fights at UFC 259, Petr Yan was looking to defend his bantamweight title for the first time against Sterling. It was a fight many fans were looking forward to, and early on, it delivered.

The scrap was an exciting one, as it was a high-paced back-and-forth fight. However, in the fourth round, as the Russian started to take over, Yan landed an illegal knee and was DQ’d. Sterling became the new bantamweight champion, and Cejudo immediately ripped him for it.

Henry Cejudo Apologizes For Comments

After Cejudo had some time to digest the news, he took to social media to apologize to Sterling.

“I do want to apologize to Aljamain, I really do,” Cejudo said in a Twitter video (via MMAJunkie). “I was a little upset, I was a little mad. But at the same time, I was more mad that he ended up doing the interview and then the tweets and saw the pictures of him with the belt. It just rubbed me the wrong way. But at the end of the day it was an illegal strike by Petr ‘The Ugly Potato’ Yan. I want to apologize to him for some of my tweets.”

Although the ending was controversial, UFC president, Dana White has already said the two will rematch. When the will fight is uncertain as both men will need to heal after the fight. However, for Henry Cejudo, he believes Sterling needs to make some adjustments or he will lose to Yan.

“If I was to give Aljamain Sterling, curling silver, some advice: You need to understand your threshold,” Cejudo said. “You ain’t going to get somebody – especially the caliber of an athlete like him … you need to understand your threshold and how you can finish the race correctly, especially within five rounds. They’re going to have a rematch, and I don’t think it’s going to change. If I was Aljamain, I would tell him to forget all that volume and just worry about one strike.”

What do you make of Henry Cejudo apologizing to Aljamain Sterling?

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