Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Henry Cejudo Welcomes The Challenge Of Max Holloway Fight

While rumors of Henry Cejudo retiring have dragged on for a while, it appears the former UFC double champion is interested in a return fight against the former featherweight champ Max Holloway.

After demolishing bantamweight legend Dominick Cruz to defend his title at UFC 249 last May, the Olympian decided it was time to hang up the gloves. Albeit abrupt, the high-performance athlete explained that he had set out what he intended to accomplish and that the only thing really left to chase is money. Since then, Henry Cejudo has been quite vocal on social media and has become a light-hearted joker in the mixed martial arts world.

While it seems “Triple C” is constantly picking on the next contender or champion in either of the divisions he reigned over, for some odd reason he said he hasn’t chosen to speak of Max Holloway’s name until now. At this point, Henry Cejudo believes it might be the right time to face the 29-year old Hawaiian boxer and come out of retirement.

“Even somebody like, Max Holloway — I have never called out, Holloway,” Henry Cejudo said to Brett Okamoto at ESPN. “Look at any video, and I’ve never called out Holloway, even when he had the belt. I have never called out Max Holloway. Until you know what I’m saying? But he’s another fight that I feel like, in the future, I would love to fight.“

Henry Cejudo Confident At The Prospect Of Holloway Bout

After speaking at length, the former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion elaborated as to why he had his crosshairs set on Holloway. Additionally, Henry Cejudo examined the match-up and believes his in-cage intelligence would overwhelm Holloway. Surely, the wrestling pedigree Cejudo possesses would help in a fight where he would have drastic disadvantages in height and reach though.

“What I’m saying is — I think that Max Holloway fight — because nobody would believe me, is the same reason why I would want that fight,” Henry Cejudo said. “He’s taller than me, he’s inflicted a lot more damage on different people, but I feel like I’m just too smart. I’m just too skilled. And I would love the challenge, if I was to ever fight Max Holloway.“

Perhaps with UFC president Dana White‘s recent announcement that the promotion is headed to Florida with a championship triple-header — and the possibility of an audience of 15,000, Henry Cejudo might be getting the itch to compete again.

Is this just another case of Henry Cejudo looking to remain in the headlines, or do you think he is realistically weighing a return against Max Holloway, let us know what you think below!

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