Thursday, January 27, 2022

Holland Willing To Replace Till/Vettori “If One Of Them Catches Syphilis”

Kevin Holland is ready and willing to step in as a replacement for the upcoming bout between Darren Till and Marvin Vettori come hell, high water, or venereal disease.

One thing Kevin Holland made abundantly clear in both his interviews and in his actions of five fights in one calendar year, he is always down for a scrap. This includes and perhaps even especially is if the fight is on short notice. With this attitude, Kevin Holland is always one call away to save the day like Superman. Accordingly, he will be sitting by his phone in case he needs to save the day for the April 10th fight between Darren Till and Marvin Vettori.

“Whenever Till and Vettori are lined up, whoever pulls a cramp in that one or catches something, I’ll be there,” Kevin Holland said in an interview with The Schmo. “Putting my name in the hat. If one of them catches syphilis, I’m there.”

Of course, Kevin Holland has a date of his own already lined up, as the hyperactive rising star is scheduled to face Derek Brunson this upcoming Saturday at UFC Vegas 22. This is only three weeks prior to the Till/Vettori fight, but in Holland Standard Time, that is practically a standard layoff. In fact, Holland has expressed that he is looking to top his 2020 “Fighter of the Year” contending numbers in 2021.

This will be hard to do since he was able to go an impressive five for five last year. But if there is one way to do it, it’s by turning in a similar work rate but against much stronger competition. If he were to defeat Brunson and then turn around and defeat Till or Vettori less than a month later, he would arguably already be more than halfway toward reaching his goal of one-upping his 2020 self.

What do you predict Kevin Holland’s 2021 will look like when all is said and done?

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