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Israel Adesanya Issues Statement After Trash Talk Went Too Far

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is doubling-down on his apology after trash talk with Kevin Holland escalated to the point where rape was brought up and has now gotten a lot of negative press.

While it’s normal for fighters to jaw back-and-forth at each other on social media, at times things are taken too far, as the world witnessed with the Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor rivalry. However, it seems middleweights Holland and Adesanya are the latest to take things to the next level. In their recently deleted Instagram stories, Holland and Adesanya’s conversation got out of hand quickly.

“Bro, I’ll f***ing rape you.” Adesanya posted in response to Holland’s trash talk.

Following the rape related posts on social media, the middleweight champ caught the attention of the New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson when they responded to the superstar’s social media story on Radio New Zealand.

“There is never a time to make flippant comments about rape. It’s just not something anybody should do,” Robertson said on Radio New Zealand. “I am sure Israel understands that. I believe he has deleted (the post) in question. It will be up to the UFC as to what they do. But I would certainly be making clear to him, and to anybody actually, that we have to take rape seriously. It is not an issue that anyone should be making jokes or flippant comments about at all.”

While the organization has a code of conduct, UFC president Dana White is adamant about giving fighters their own platform to build up fights, even if it involves a little trash talk from time-to-time. After all, the two participants are going to end up fighting anyway, and all words will be accounted for.

Israel Adesanya Issues Apology After Rape Trash Talk

On Thursday Israel Adesanya issued a statement in regard to the inappropriate trash talk with Holland.

“Last weekend fight talk escalated to a point in which I crossed the line,” Israel Adesanya said. “I understand the gravity of this word and how it can affect and hurt other people apart from my opponent, although that was NEVER my intention. I am still growing under the spotlight, and I take this as a lesson to be more selective with words under pressure.”

It appears the emerging superstar is sincere and realizes that he unintentionally offended a lot of people. Understandably, Israel Adesanya admits he is under the spotlight and will do better in the future.

In addition, Adesanya emphasized that joking about rape is completely intolerable, and understands that on such a big platform his actions were irresponsible and inappropriate.

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