Saturday, May 21, 2022

Jamahal Hill Foreshadowed Leon Edwards’ Fight-Ending Eye Poke During Fight

It would appear light heavyweight standout Jamahal Hill foresaw issues in the main event at UFC Vegas 21.

The event topped by Belal Muhammad and Leon Edwards dominated headlines as fans were unsure if the Englishman could perform to his abilities after a nasty bout with COVID-19. While much attention was given to Edwards about catching the virus, many neglected to mention Muhammad also contracted Covid-19 prior to the bout.

Jamahal Hill’s Grim Prediction Turns To Reality

Since the fight would mark the return of Edwards from nearly a two-year layoff, the stakes were high considering his placement in the weight division. As the fight began, it seemed Leon Edwards was starting to get the better of the striking exchanges and wouldn’t let Muhammad get a rhythm going. Then, in an unfortunate striking sequence, Edwards launched a left kick and extended his fingers outward, ultimately eye-gouging the devout Muslim.

Muhammad's Eye After Jamahal Hill Predicted Issues

Prior to the eye poke, rising contender Jamahal Hill predicted issues occurring after noticing that Edwards had his fingers extended during striking exchanges. The light heavyweight even posted on social media about it before it happened.

In the end, the result was horrific for Muhammad, and it also left Edwards in an awkward position post-fight. While the Englishman explained that he only took the fight because he needed a short-notice opponent, now it seems there is unfinished business between the two. Either way, Jamahal Hill definitely wasn’t pleased that he was right about his forewarning.

With Jamahal Hill’s comments about extended fingers, do you believe a change is in order for the UFC gloves, or should business continue as usual?

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