Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jon Jones Pleads To Be Released From His UFC Contract

It doesn’t appear that the negotiations between Jon Jones & the UFC are going very well.

Following Francis Ngannou‘s victory over Stipe Miocic to become the new UFC champion, Jon Jones immediately reiterated that he would be more than happy to step up and be Ngannou’s first challenger on the condition that he is paid more money. After clashing heads with UFC President Dana White about the reason for his request for more money, Jones ended his tweeting spree with some parting optimism. He stated that the UFC would present him with a proposal this week and that he was trying to give the UFC some benefit of the doubt as he awaited reception of the offer:

“I am going to try to remain faithful. There’s still time for the UFC to do the right thing. I am supposed to be seeing a fight proposal next week. Fingers are crossed. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for everyone involved,” the tweet reads.

One could only assume that Jon Jones has already received the offer one day later or, at the very least, had some other unproductive dialogue with the promotion. Otherwise, the following, since-deleted tweets released Monday came unprovoked and out of nowhere:

The tweets collectively read as follows:

“Please just cut me already. You would rather have me around and treat me like shit. I swear the UFC industry has been nothing but depressing for me. I feel like my wings are being clipped. Just fucking let me go. What type of weird shit is this, obviously the boss hates me. Let me take my business elsewhere.”

It does not take a literary criticism panel to sense the peak degree of frustration found in the tone and bare content of Jones’s tweets. The question is whether or not the tweets signify both the beginning and end of his negotiations to fight Francis Ngannou or if this was just a new wave of venting without any new developments or dialogue.

It’s worth reiterating that the above tweets have been deleted. That could be viewed as a retraction of his release request and maybe even everything else that was said. Or, it could just be Jones following custom and deleting tweets somewhat at random as he has been doing for years.

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What do you make of Jon Jones’s request to be released from the UFC?

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