Thursday, January 27, 2022

Jon Jones Relentless Trolls Cormier After KO Power Criticism

Jon Jones was not going to let Daniel Cormier’s recent criticism of his knockout abilities go unaddressed. 

No two fighters in the history of the UFC have had more bickering, arguments, and outright conflict than Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. It doesn’t matter if the last time they fought was over three years ago. It didn’t matter when they were booked to fight other opponents. And now it doesn’t even matter if one half of this feud has officially retired and that there is virtually no chance they will ever fight again. The bad blood continues to this day, and apparently, it always will.

In the most recent installment of the neverending Jones/Cormier saga, Daniel Cormier offered the following criticism of Jon Jones’s knockout power:

“Jon Jones will not knock out anybody [at heavyweight],” Cormier said on the DC & Helwani program. “He doesn’t hit hard enough. If he couldn’t knock these dues out at 205, he’s not knocking these heavyweights out.”

Jon Jones would take to social media within hours to issue his response in the form of the following video:

The video is a mash-up of Daniel Cormier’s emotional Octagon interview after being knocked out by Jones at UFC 214 followed by Cormier’s remarks about Jones’ lack of KO ability, and concluding with footage of the actual TKO Jones delivered to Cormier.

Oddly enough, Cormier referenced this very knockout in the same DC & Helwani program, stating how he carried that experience with him every time he competed following that night. 

Keep it locked on, as there could very well be a response from Cormier incoming and potentially a new stream of Jones/Cormier insults that could span days if not weeks. Either way, you’ll get the scoop here when it happens.

What’s your take on Jon Jones’s trolljob of Daniel Cormier after his criticism of Jones’s KO power?

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