Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Jordan Espinosa’s Team Responds To Domestic Violence Accusations

Jordan Espinosa’s team has issued a half-response to Tim Elliott’s inadvertent public allegations of domestic abuse against Espinosa.

During the UFC 259 prelims, Tim Elliott turned in a one-sided domination of Jordan Espinosa with suffocating grappling as the main ingredient. The biggest story coming out of the fight wasn’t Elliott’s performance, though. It was the words he uttered during said performance.

Elliott could be heard calling Espinosa a woman beater while dishing out some punishment of his own to Espinosa. Speaking to reporters after the event, Elliott admitted that he did not intend for the audience at home to hear his exchange with Espinosa, but now that it was out, he had no problem elaborating on why he made the remarks:

“I didn’t say that for anybody else to hear because I don’t know the whole story. I was messaged on Facebook a long message with some pictures and some Snapchat back-and-forth between Jordan Espinosa and another girl, pictures of her with choke marks on her neck,” Elliott said at the UFC 259 post-fight press conference.

Elliott would go on to state that the young lady’s version of events had the ring of truth to them due to the private, non-tabloid nature of their interaction along with the fact that Espinosa is not “rich” or famous enough to exploit. Espinosa has not responded publicly to Elliott’s allegation, but his team did put out a response about why they will not be responding.

“We will not be commenting on Tim Elliott’s accusations,” Espinosa’s manager Bryan Hamper said in a statement to MMA Junkie. “It is extremely unfortunate that an athlete who has no information of the situation is given a platform to recklessly slander another athlete with no credible information other than a (Facebook) message. It sets a dangerous precedent allowing this type of behavior to make headlines. Words matter.”

There is no public record of Jordan Espinosa being charged for any domestic violence incident. 

Stay tuned here on if there are any further developments on the now-public allegations against Jordan Espinosa.

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