Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jorge Masvidal & Ben Askren Reignite Feud Leading Into Jake Paul Fight

Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren are at it again.

Leading into the 2019 fight between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren, there was no shortage of trash talk between the two outspoken athletes. All the talk would give way to one of if not the most highly anticipated non-title match of the year. The hype would end early but the outcome and aftermath would outlive it when Masvidal turned in what is quite possibly the most memorable and talked-about KO of all time with an epic flying knee for the fastest knockout in UFC history at five seconds. 

In the months and years following the bout, one could say that things became somewhat cordial between Masvidal and Askren on social media. But shortly after it was announced that Askren would be boxing Jake Paul, it was revealed that Paul had enlisted the services of a self-proclaimed “goon,” Jorge “Gamebred” Masvida to assist in his training. It was only a matter of time before this partnership reignited the bad blood between Masvidal and Aksren.

Masvidal & Askren Revert To Trash Talk & Insults

During Ben Askren’s and Jake Paul’s press conference last week, Paul gave Jorge Masvidal a call. When on speaker, Masvidal asked Askren if he were still alive before “complimenting” him on his choice of footwear. Masvidal would then post an unprovoked tweet about Askren on Sunday:

“The individual I buried does not represent MMA. He represents all the hardcore and casual crotch sniffers #andnew.”

This could be interpreted as a response to those who believe that Askren will be stepping into the ring against Paul representing MMA against the YouTuber. Askren caught wind of the tweet and fired back at his old nemesis. 

“I’ve refrained for 2 years, but let’s be real Jorge. You landed the luckiest knee of your life and I made you famous. You’re welcome. You got 50-43’d by Usman and will likely again next month. Beat it loser.”

Aside from Askren rarely calling Kamaru Usman by his name as opposed to his collegiate nickname of “Marty,” the other noteworthy element of this tweet is his attempt to discredit Masvidal and his rise to fame. Masvidal was captured on film rehearsing the knee prior to his fight with Askren, but the four-time Division I All-American remains unconvinced that the execution of the maneuver wasn’t a stroke of luck. In any event, Askren will be able to earn some semblance of a moral victory against Masvidal if he defeats Paul despite Masvidal’s efforts to watch him lose again. 

What are your thoughts on this reignited feud between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren?

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