Friday, December 9, 2022

Julianna Pena Asks Amanda Nunes Why Only She Must “Fight One More”

Julianna Pena is pushing harder than ever for a fight against Amanda Nunes now that this goal’s finish line is within reach.

With Amanda Nunes essentially closing any widespread debate about who the greatest female fighter in MMA history is, the only thing left to ask is: Who is next for her? It is a question that rarely turns up any easy answers, but “The Venezuelan Vixen” Julianna Pena has constantly been raising her hand to volunteer providing and becoming the answer to this question. 

Whenever Nunes herself is asked this question, she seems indifferent about who the company decides to put in front of her to mow down next. But when it comes to Pena, Nunes has been more opinionated about her needing to earn a title shot. This oscillation between indifference to opinionated has been observed by Pena, and as always, she is not shy about letting her thoughts fly. 

“…You didn’t ask Holly to fight one more. You didn’t ask Megan Anderson to fight one more. You didn’t ask Felicia Spencer to win one more, all these girls who are new to the division with.500 records,” Pena told The Schmo in a recent interview. “But for me, for some reason, it’s always like, ‘Oh, she’s got to fight one more. Oh, she’s got to fight one more. Oh, she’s gotta be in the mix,’

TUF 18 Finale results: Julianna Pena becomes first TUF women's champion -  MMA Fighting
Julianna Pena Becoming First Winner of TUF In 2013. Credit: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

“I’ve been in the mix. I’ve been here. I’ve been fighting just as long as she has. And I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous that she would ask me to fight one more again, especially since Holly pulled out.”

Julianna Pena was expected to fight Holly Holm on May 8, which so happens to be Mother’s Day weekend. Unfortunately, Holm had to withdraw from the bout due to injury. She now feels a match with fellow mother Amanda Nunes would make even more sense for this date. Moreover, Pena does not believe that Nunes’s opinion of her eligibility for a title shot should stand in the way of the fight taking place when it has not been a barrier for other recent challengers.

Stylistically, I’m the worst possible matchup out there for her, and she knows that,” Pena continued. “And so it’s just kind of frustrating that she would ask me to, again, fight one more. It’s like, why don’t you ever ask anybody else to fight one more? Why is it always just me?”

Julianna Pena also argued that she has a 9-2 record in the UFC, with the Venezuelan Vixen including her victories on The Ultimate Fighter program to her record. All in all, she feels that with her longevity, experience, and fighting style, a fight between herself and Nunes is the bout to make next, whether the champion likes it or not.

Has “The Venezeluan Vixen” Julianna Pena persuaded you that she should be next to challenge Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight title?