Monday, May 23, 2022

Khabib Offers Harsh Assessment To Tony Ferguson: “You Look Like A Sh*t”

Khabib has had about enough of Tony Ferguson’s callouts and jabs.

Khabib is not usually one to get involved in social media back-and-forths (unless it’s with Conor McGregor), so Ferguson’s jokes, insults, and insistence that he is still going to stomp Khabib has mostly gone ignored over the years. Now that Khabib is retired, he has more time on his hands, though, so he decided to respond to one of Ferguson’s tweets with the same ferocity he has become known for inside the cage.

It is not “Tiramisu Tuesday” as Ferguson has been calling the weekday for years, but he still began his tweet with a reference to the dessert that became associated with Khabib after he failed to make weight for his fight against Tony Ferguson at UFC 209. Prior to being hospitalized during his weight-cutting hardships, Khabib was caught alongside the delicacy, which was not a good look. Although, Khabib did later deny actually consuming the dish.

After this reference, Ferguson proceeded to speak as if a fight between himself and Khabib is still a realistic possibility:

“TiraMisu On 2”# You’ll SeeMeSoonEnoughBuddy -CSO Called It. # ConditioningSucks # KeepRunningFathead -Champ”

Though he was not directly tagged in the tweet, Khabib knows Ferguson and his tweeting lingo well enough by now to know exactly whom he was addressing, so the undefeated Dagestani responded.

“You have a fight soon, your opponent is very tough and most underestimated in lightweight division, focus on him. I wish you and your family best, even though you look like a shit.”

The opponent Khabib is referring to is #9-ranked Beneil Dariush, who is currently enjoying a healthy six-fight winning streak. That fight is scheduled to take place at UFC 262. Sadly, the fight between Khabib and Ferguson, on the other hand, is eternally scheduled to take place only in the imaginations of MMA fans worldwide.

What do you think about this Twitter exchange between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov?

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