Saturday, May 21, 2022

Leon Edwards: Colby Covington Doesn’t Want To Work For Title Shot

Leon Edwards does not believe that Colby Covington is willing to earn another world title shot the hard way.

This Saturday night at UFC Vegas 21, Leon Edwards will look to punch his ticket to the front of the welterweight contender’s line when he headlines against Belal “Remember the Name” Muhammad. As worthy of an opponent as Muhammad may be from a skills standpoint, the fact remains that he is currently only ranked #13 in the division. Contrast that with Colby Covington, who is currently the #1 contender, and it’s clear who Leon Edwards would have preferred to fight next to ensure a title shot with a victory. 

Unfortunately, despite Dana White’s and the UFC’s best efforts, Colby Covington would not play ball, and Edwards thinks he has a finger on why. 

“I thought he would’ve stepped up. He talks a lot of s**t on social media. But, when it’s time to fight real fighters he goes running and makes excuses. I wasn’t shocked really, it’s’ kind of his character,” Edwards told MMANews’ own James Lynch recently (transcribed by Cole Shelton). “He doesn’t want to fight top guys. He wants to sit on the sideline and say he wants a title shot but doesn’t want to work for a title shot. It is what it is.”

Leon Edwards himself is ranked #3 and is on an extensive eight-fight winning streak. After his fight against Khamzat Chimaev fell apart for the third time, Dana White wanted to ensure that Edwards received a high-profile fight. But at the end of the day, it takes three to tango in MMA, and the promotion and Leon Edwards were missing the third dancing partner.

“They came to me and said would you fight him. I said yes, and they went to him and said would you fight Leon and he said no. That was it,” Edwards added. “They tried pushing it, they tried getting him to fight me but he wouldn’t do it. He wants a title shot.”

It’s not out of the question that Leon Edwards and Colby Covington may still meet prior to either one of them receiving a title shot. Because should Usman fight Jorge Masvidal next as rumored, Edwards and Covington will have a lot of time on their hands between their next fights.

Do you agree with Leon Edwards’s assessment of Colby Covington not wanting to actually work for another title shot?

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