Friday, December 9, 2022

Luke Rockhold Calls For Till or Vettori In Big Comeback Fight

Luke Rockhold is ready to return for a comeback fight, and the former champion has his eyes set on Darren Till or Marvin Vettori.

After a couple of setbacks and a failed debut at 205lbs, Rockhold is looking to get back in the driver’s seat. The two setbacks Rockhold experienced were against some of the most talented in both of UFC‘s divisions. Prior to his light heavyweight debut, he crumbled under the hands of Yoel Romero.

Following that devastating loss, he was knocked out by Jan Blachowicz as the Polish striker made his way up for the title. Overall, it’s safe to say Luke Rockhold has had a difficult path, and now the former champion wants only one thing, and that’s big fights with big names.

“They’ve been reaching out, talking, just keeping tabs on my situation and letting me know that they’re interested. As am I,” Rockhold said to Submission Radio. “When the time’s right, when something really kind of appeals to me, it’s sexy. I want to come back for something that gets me excited, and I want to come back when I’m ready, when my body’s ready. And I think early, late summer would be ideal.”

Luke Rockhold Names Ideal Opponents for Comeback Fight

Certainly, it’s not out of the question for Luke Rockhold to be calling for appealing fights, especially given his credentials and record. Since he is a former champion, he will always have a massive target on his back. Although when the time comes, the Rockhold will welcome a fresh return to the octagon.

“I think Chris Weidman, he’s not what he used to be,” Rockhold said. “And if he were to somehow change it around in this fight with Uriah Hall and do something, maybe? But right now, these other two fights are definitely more in my viewpoint. This Marvin Vettori kid is doing pretty well for himself, and Darren Till’s done a couple of things here. So, I like those fights.”

Marvin Vettori, Darren Till
Marvin Vettori, Darren Till

Granted, Vettori is coming off a win, and Till is not, both would make for a great comeback fight for the former champ. In fact, it’s big names like those that seem to have Rockhold most interested. As of now, it would seem his sights are mostly set on the 185lbs weight class.

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