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Megan Anderson: Amanda Nunes A Great Hammer But Not A Good Nail

Megan Anderson plans to switch the roles on Amanda Nunes and remind the champion of what it’s like to be on the defensive end.

Amanda Nunes is at her best when she is imposing her will on her opponents by constantly pressing forward, landing heavy shots, or using her elite grappling skills. When it is her who is dictating the pace, she has been nothing short of unstoppable. She was even able to alpha the woman who was viewed as the boogeywoman of WMMA (with respect to Joanna Jędrzejczyk), Cris Cyborg by knocking out Cyborg in under one minute. 

Megan Anderson Plans To Show Amanda Nunes Who’s The Hammer

Megan Anderson vs. Norma Dumont Targeted for UFC Norfolk
Megan Anderson Is The Quintessential Alpha Female. Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

UFC 259 title challenger Megan Anderson has been witnessing Cyborg’s rise to GOAT status and the manner in which she has received it. But she is also aware of when Nunes does not fight quite as comfortably.

“When we look at Amanda, she is a phenomenal hammer. And as soon as she gets momentum, she’s incredibly hard to stop,” Anderson said in an interview with ESPN’s Phil Murphy this week. “But she doesn’t have a lot of time being the nail and working through being in bad positions.

Amanda Nunes knocks out Cris Cyborg featherweight title UFC 232
Amanda Nunes Serving As The “Hammer” Against Cris Cyborg At UFC 232

“She’s a very good hammer, but she’s not a very good nail. She doesn’t do anything flashy, but it also makes her a little bit predictable because she doesn’t do anything flashy. She’s very good in that aspect, but she also doesn’t do very good when the roles are reversed and she’s not being the aggressor.”

Megan Anderson has a deep familiarity with being the “hammer” in her bouts, being that she is one of the more aggressive fighters on the entire roster. Anderson’s pressing and domineering style has lead to 9 of her 11 career victories coming by stoppage. Anderson plans to maintain this style against Nunes in a flowing fashion and hopes that Nunes is taking the incoming threat she possesses seriously.

“Honestly, man, I just have to go out there and do what I do best,” Anderson said. “I’m very good at trap setting. I’m very good at deceptive work. My timing is different than any other striker. I do a lot of feinting, a lot of weaving, a lot of deception work with my hands, with my legs. I just have to blend it all together like I know how. 

“I just hope she doesn’t underestimate me. Because what you’ve seen and what I’m capable of are very different.”

Who do you think will impose their will better at UFC 259: Amanda Nunes or Megan Anderson?

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