Thursday, January 27, 2022

Megan Anderson Issues First Statement Following UFC 259 Loss

Megan Anderson has released her first statement following her lopsided loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 259.

In the second of three title fights at UFC 259, Megan Anderson fell far short of her goal of becoming bantamweight champion when Amanda Nunes submitted her in the first round preceded by some devastating strikes that foreshadowed the finish. Not many people were giving Anderson a chance to win this fight, but this naturally does little to ease the blow of a title loss for a competitor like Megan Anderson.

Taking to social media overnight, Anderson would issue her first statement after the loss.

“This game has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. This was the one we wanted to win but it’s the fight game. We’ll be back,” Anderson wrote.

After the event, Amanda Nunes stated that she is certain that Anderson was not quite ready for the moment of becoming a UFC champion. Frankly, it’s difficult to argue with the champion after such a one-sided bout that we witnessed last night.

Amanda Nunes submits Megan Anderson via armbar in first round to defend  women's featherweight title
Close-Up Of Nunes Submitting Megan Anderson At UFC 259. Credit: Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Despite experiencing the biggest loss of her career at UFC 259, Anderson has been able to hold gold under the Zuffa umbrella as a former Invicta champion. Since crossing over to the UFC, she has gone exactly .500 with a record of 3-3. All three victories have been stoppages.

Anderson is still only 31 years old, so she still has time to work her way back up, that is if the featherweight division lasts long enough for her to put in this work. Since the creation of the division, there have not been any rankings or sustained roster of any depth. 

What do you believe the future holds for Megan Anderson in the UFC?

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