Thursday, January 27, 2022

Miesha Tate Explains Decision To Return, Eyes Amanda Nunes Rematch

Miesha Tate didn’t decide to return after a five-year absence just to take part in some farewell tour.

Yesterday, a surprise bombshell announcement was dropped when it was revealed that Miesha Tate will be making her return to active competition to face Marion Reneau on July 17. The last time Tate competed was against Raquel Pennington back in 2016, a fight that saw Tate lose to her former protégé and then call it a career. Prior to her retirement, Tate had already established herself as a legend and a true pioneer of women’s mixed martial arts. 

As someone who was able to reach the pinnacle of the sport and claim the UFC women’s bantamweight championship, it looked as though Miesha Tate was satisfied with her career and fine working as a ONE Championship executive and media personality. By all appearances, that seemed to be the case. But contrary to what the outside world was privy to, there has been an inferno burning within Tate this entire time, and she is now finally prepared to act on it. 

“I’m so excited. I really am. I mean, there is a fire that has been lit. My heart is completely full of passion,” Tate said on her MMA Tonight podcast to co-host Ryan MCKinnell. “I feel like I’m totally re-invigorated. And when you know, you know. And I just know. I’ve always been that person to lead with my heart and do what I feel like my calling is in life. And it’s never steered me wrong. I’ve been a person that can change direction very quickly and not be afraid to do it. I dive right in if I feel like it’s right, and that’s what I’m here to do. This sport, it’s been calling for me. Let’s not lie about that, Ryan. I mean, I feel like it’s been calling me, and now it’s time to answer.”

Miesha Tate Would Love Rematch Against Amanda Nunes

Miesha Tate disclosed that she still has six fights remaining on her UFC contract and has every intention of going all-in as a full-time fighter. At minimum, “Cupcake” would love to compete for two more years. That said, as someone who went from champion to retiree all in the same year, she knows as well as anyone how fast plans can change. But in a perfect world, she would be able to get the loss she suffered to Amanda Nunes back from five years ago that saw the coronation of the Amanda Nunes era.

“Obviously, I want to become a champion again. And I think Amanda is just a phenomenal fighter. She’s the best. She’s the greatest of all time…” Tate said. “I’d love to run that one back. I would love to fight her again. Because I know I have the style to beat her.

Amanda Nunes submits Miesha Tate to take bantamweight title at UFC 200
Amanda Nunes Lands On Miesha Tate At UFC 200. Credit: Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

“And I’m not at all gonna take anything away from her.  She’s a scary woman, and she hits like a man. And I know that. I know everything. I’ve been in there with her, and I’ve seen what she’s done since then. But I know I have the style to beat her, and I know I have desire. I have plans, and I have goals. And I know I’m somebody that, when push comes to shove, I make shit happen.”

What do you think Miesha Tate’s ceiling is as she embarks on her return to MMA?

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