Saturday, May 21, 2022

Nate Diaz Trolls Conor McGregor And Dustin Poirier In Lastest Tweet

Nate Diaz is still chirping at Conor McGregor five years since their initial encounter.

The rivalry between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will never get old. Since their first meeting back in 2016 these two have enjoyed sparring back and forth on social media. Diaz stepped in on short notice and shocked the world when he submitted McGregor in the second round of the UFC 196 main event.

McGregor was able to get his revenge in the following fight, but since then, the anticipation of a trilogy fight has been looming. McGregor and Diaz both seem to want it but the timing hasn’t been right. However, that doesn’t stop them from commenting at each other constantly on Twitter. After Conor McGregor published a tweet stating that he had “done it all” in the sport, Diaz was quick to respond.

“I fucked you up and u never got it back but u acted like u did now u get a rematch every time u get your ass beat like a spoiled Little bitch would I’ve done it all and I’m still here plus the guy who just beat ur ass is a scared Lil bitch also fuck u both #realfighter,” Diaz wrote.

This latest jab by Nate Diaz was not only aimed at McGregor but also at Dustin Poirier. Diaz has been, as vocal as is possible for the tight-lipped Diaz, about wanting a fight with Poirier as well. He will be returning later this year according to Dana White and if McGregor and Poirier rematch as is the plan, Diaz could be facing the winner. Diaz and Poirier were briefly set for a fight in New York City back in 2018, but the bout fell through due to an injury to Poirier. Diaz has not fought in the UFC since his loss to Jorge Masvidal back in November of 2019.

It is unclear when Nate Diaz will be back in the cage but at least in the meantime, he will continue to have gems like this tweet and all the other NSFW cryptic tweets that Diaz is known for.

What do you make of these recent comments by Nate Diaz aimed at Conor McGregor?

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