Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Nunes “100% Sure” Megan Anderson Wasn’t Ready For Championship

Amanda Nunes does not believe Megan Anderson was fully prepared for the task that lay before her at UFC 259.

Megan Anderson entered the cage at UFC 259 as a monstrous +675 underdog against Amanda Nunes. The very fact that she was given such a small chance at success by oddsmakers and the general public indicates a global belief that Anderson was in over her head going into this fight.

Anderson went in with the stated objective of proving Nunes was not invincible and seemed to hold a strong sense of self-confidence in the weeks and days prior to the fight. But once the fight began, it seemed apparent that her doubters were spot on in their estimation of her chances, at least on this particular night.

Amanda Nunes Thinks Anderson Not Ready To Be A Champion

Amanda Nunes was once in Megan Anderson’s position. Of course, she was nowhere near the underdog that Anderson was coming into this fight, but she knows what it’s like to be standing across from a legend in one’s first world title fight. For Nunes, this fight was against Miesha Tate at the landmark UFC 200 event. Nunes was able to rise to the occasion and dominate Tate for a first-round submission victory.

Anderson, on the contrary, was the one being submitted when attempting to pull the championship upset. At the UFC 259 post-fight press conference, Nunes pointed out the difference between herself and Anderson when faced with these early legacy moments.

“It might help for sure because I’ve been there before,” Nunes said. “I was (a) challenger before. When I fought Miesha Tate, I was thinking about what she did in this sport, and (it’s) for sure going through your mind. 

Amanda Nunes finishes Miesha Tate in a hurry at UFC 200 - Los Angeles Times
Amanda Nunes Smashing Miesha Tate At UFC 259. Credit: John Locher, Associated Press

“But if you’re not ready for that moment, you will not be able to get it. So the difference between me and her was when I was at UFC 200, I was ready to be a champion. So I’m 100% sure tonight she was not supposed to be a champion.” 

It will be interesting to see where exactly Megan Anderson and the featherweight division go from here. With such a lack of depth in the division, this could work for or against Anderson’s ability to earn another title shot. As for Nunes, she is expected to move back down to defend the title she captured at the aforementioned UFC 200. Her opponent may very well be another bantamweight who was victorious at that very event, none other than “The Venezuelan Vixen” Julianna Pena. 

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