Monday, November 28, 2022

Petr Yan Claims UFC Reached Out For Match But Doubts Sterling Accepts

Petr Yan is still looking for a rematch with new champion Aljamain Sterling, but he feels Sterling is not interested in running it back.

It has been one week since UFC 259, where Petr Yan lost his bantamweight title in one of the most heartbreaking ways. Yan was disqualified from the championship bout when he kneed challenger Sterling in the head while he was a downed opponent. The fight was called right away, and it was Sterling who walked away with the belt. In the seven days since that bout, Yan has been trying to get a rematch with Sterling. He spoke with ESPN about the rematch and the doubt he has in getting the agreement signed.

“One time he says one thing, different time he says different thing,” Yan said. “Then, the staredown with Cejudo. Everything tells me he doesn’t want to fight me again. He understands he lost this fight, he understand it’s going to happen again. I feel like he doesn’t want to fight me again. UFC already reached out to me and asked when I’m ready to fight again. I already told them I’m ready, one month, two months time. Whenever they want to do it.

Could Sterling Defend Against Someone Else First?

Henry Cejudo Faces Jose Aldo In Bantamweight Title Fight At UFC 250
“Triple C” Henry Cejudo

It is true that since being crowned the champion, Sterling has been verbally sparring with a few other title contenders on social media. He had a “friendly” faceoff with former champion Henry Cejudo right after the win. He was also going back and forth with another former champ, TJ Dillashaw. Both of these men could feasibly make their way back into the division and in turn, a title shot if they wanted to. Cejudo has been teasing a comeback recently as well.

Do you think Yan deserves an immediate rematch or should Sterling face one of the former champions next?