Saturday, May 21, 2022

Polyana Viana Feels Sorry For Covington After “Revolting” Behavior

Polyana Viana has issued a nondirect response to Colby Covington after Covington shared personal details of their relationship in a crude manner last week.

Colby Covington was the first choice for both Leon Edwards and the UFC brass to step in and face Edwards in the UFC Vegas 21 main event on March 13 after Khamzat Chimaev could not compete. Instead, Edwards faced Belal Muhammad in the event, with the fight ending in a no-contest due to a bad eye poke foul from Edwards. After the smoke cleared, Covington was asked again to comment on his unavailability to step in and compete against Edwards, and he provided some new, NSFW details on his unavailability that can be found below in its uncensored form:

“There wasn’t much talks. I was busy balls deep in Polyana Viana, so to get me off the couch in three weeks’ notice to fight some Leon Scott guy, it was gonna be a price tag,” Covington disclosed in a Submission Radio interview. “I wanted a little bit more than what was in my contract. I just wasn’t gonna show up for a normal paycheck to fight that guy, for me to show up on short notice and fight that guy.”

Covington also elaborated in saying that his time was better spent working on his “bedroom cardio” with Viana and despite her claims of having a boyfriend, that did not stop the two from having consensual adult fun without labels. Over the weekend, Viana took the time to respond to Covington’s remarks via Twitter.

According to the Google Translate function on Twitter, the post translates as follows:

“I have never given room for any kind of comment or judgment about my personal life, but it is not for me to judge the person’s attitude. I feel sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves. It is revolting.”

Polyana Viana is currently competing in the UFC strawweight division, and Colby Covington is the #1-ranked welterweight contender in the world. We will see if Viana’s response is the end of the gossip involving these two competitors or if Covington will extend his inconsiderate, if not outright disrespectful comments about Viana for a bit longer. Or perhaps, unlike Covington’s other fallouts in the past, there will be a twist ending that sees a public reconciliation between two people who once shared a friendship.

What are your thoughts on this situation between Colby Covington and Polyana Viana?

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