Saturday, May 21, 2022

Stephen Thompson Responds To Covington’s Roast: “Fight Me, Bro”

Stephen Thompson has responded to Colby Covington.

Covington recently blasted ‘Wonderboy’ for claiming to still be a boy but almost being 40. He also claims all Thompson does is “drive around in his karate van with karate kids, and he watches cartoons.”

Although Covington was making fun of Thompson, the welterweight contender was just glad someone in the top-five finally started to talk about him. He knows not many call him out, so he’s just excited Covington brought him up.

“I thought it was pretty cool because not a whole lot of people say my name in the top,” Thompson told Submission Radio regarding Covington’s comments. “Not a whole lot of people have talked about me. And I’m glad that somebody did, which was Colby. And I couldn’t help but laugh because he was funny about it. He cracks me up, dude. “But it was funny because I’ve been in the UFC for almost eight years, and that’s all you got? Is that all you got? Come on, man. I guess if I give him like a week or two, he’ll come up with something.”

Stephen Thompson
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Although Covington didn’t seem too interested in fighting Stephen Thompson, Wonderboy is interested in the fight. With Kamaru Usman set to rematch Jorge Masvidal, and no clear number one contender at welterweight, a fight between the two certainly makes sense. However, Thompson has yet to hear a reply when he invited Covington to back up his tough talk.

“…He said I wasn’t as scary. And I said, ‘If I’m not that scary, well then fight me. Then fight me, bro.’ So I don’t think I heard anything back from him,” Thompson added.

Stephen Thompson is currently on a two-fight winning streak as he beat Vicente Luque and Geoff Neal. Before that, he suffered a knockout loss to Anthony Pettis and a controversial decision loss to Darren Till.

Would you like to see Stephen Thompson fight Colby Covington?

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