Friday, December 9, 2022

Tony Ferguson Explains Major Changes In Fight Camp

Tony Ferguson was unhappy with his training camp, so he has made a change.

In the middle of February, Tony Ferguson announced that he was making a change in his training. Ferguson posted that he had joined forces with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach. Roach is known for working with some of the greatest fighters of all time, such as Manny Pacquiao, Georges St-Pierre, Julio César Chávez Jr., and Miguel Cotto. Ferguson didn’t immediately mention why he made the change, but in a recent Instagram post, he addresses what prompted the move.

“Coach Armand Anthony” I Used To Not Get Hit,” Ferguson wrote. “Then I Changed Things Up A Bit. Had -2- Figure It Out After Getting Hit More And More Each Fight. Decided Not To Take Any more Unnecessary Damage Made The Mandatory Changes Promised My Faith/Family/Friends I Would Not Take Damage Like The Last Few Fights When A Corner Of Mine Wouldn’t Work On Simple Slip Drills I Knew I Had To Make Changes.”

It seems that Ferguson was having problems with his cornermen. Ferguson has lost two in a row, which is the most in his 13-year professional career. His loss to Justin Gaethje was the first TKO loss of his career.

“When A Cornerman Forgot Water During The Round Mid Fight I Knew I Had To Make Changes,” Ferguson continued. “When I Got Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired, I Did Something About It, Quit Bitchin’ & Went To Work. Lots Of Cool Things Coming Up, Been Working Hard. Ferguson Seriously. Check It Out Crew If Looking At Someone’s IG Makes You Envious or Jealous (Instead Of Being Happy For Them), Stop Drop And Gimme Push-ups. It’s Better To Be Sore Than A Sore-Loser. Champ Shit Only Love you My Son Armand Anthony, My Best Friend. Thanks For Running Practice Fergalish w/ The Comida Assist, Thanks Mamacita.”

Ferguson has always been known for doing some crazy training in the lead-up to his fights. He can often be seen flipping around and doing crazy balancing moves. It has worked for him so far even if it looks odd to onlookers and opponents. His next foe, Beneil Dariush has mentioned that he has questions regarding Ferguson’s training methods.

Do you think a change in training will help Ferguson get back on track and get him back in the title picture?