Friday, January 28, 2022

Woodley Issues Statement After 4th Straight Loss & Becoming Free Agent

Tyron Woodley has issued a statement after his fourth consecutive loss at UFC 260 against Vicente Luque

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley entered the Octagon against Vicente Luque as a man with everything to lose. The urgency he fought with in the UFC 260 co-main event depicted a man fighting under such conditions. What may not be widely known is the fact that Woodley’s bout against Luque was the final fight on his UFC contract. So while the timing is never swell to lose four straight, you particularly want to avoid this predicament when fighting out your contract. In the end, this is the precise spot Woodley found himself after losing to Vicente Luque at UFC 260.

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Vicente Luque & Tyron Woodley Going To War At UFC 260. Image Credit:

The bout did win Fight of the Night in large part due to Woodley’s spirited performance, but his future in the UFC did not sound promising when White was asked about the topic in the UFC 260 post-fight press conference.

Now, Tyron Woodley has issued his first public statement since his latest loss and becoming a free agent.

“Shit was going really well until it wasn’t. My camp pushed me in ways I haven’t been pushed in a while. I committed, and swore to myself I would bring the tiger out that earned me gold. I saw the opportunity for the KO and got too excited. Payed (sic) a big cost. I don’t regret my aggression as that’s what God created me to do. @luquevicente is a tough and humble fighter. Was an honor to share the cage with you tonight,” Woodley posted on Instagram.

Tyron Woodley is a 12-year veteran of the sport who has competed in the UFC for the last eight years. In 2016, he knocked out Robbie Lawler to win the welterweight championship, a belt he would carry proudly for three years and four successful title defenses. The Woodley era of the division came to an end at UFC 235 when Kamaru Usman defeated him handily via unanimous decision, and we may soon find out in the very near future if his UFC run as a whole has now concluded as well.

What do you think the future holds for Tyron Woodley after his fourth consecutive loss at UFC 260?

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