Chimaev Wants To Fight Nick Diaz To Show Who’s The Real Gangster

Khamzat Chimaev loves the idea of welcoming Nick Diaz back to the UFC.

After a night of incredible action and spectacle, UFC 261 sadly had to come to a close. UFC President Dana White gave MMA fans something sweet to consume after the main course, though, which is the tasty notion of Nick Diaz engaging in blood and gore once again. White confirmed that Diaz had spoken to him about returning and that they would discuss getting him booked in a fight. One reporter asked whether he would be open to the idea of Nick Diaz vs. Khamzat Chimaev, and White instantly expressed that he would be. 

And that was that. Just a what-if scenario thrown out by a reporter and then White merely going along with it, right? Nope. Khamzat Chimaev is just like the millions of fans who would love to see this fight. And if the fans ever do get the opportunity to watch this marquee fight unfold, Chimaev would love for the audience to take special note of which of which fighter is the real gangster.

“He’s a legend,” Chimaev said of Diaz in an MMA Junkie interview. “Everybody knows him in this world, the MMA world. He’s good. These good guys, they’re like play gangsters. It’s going to be a good fight if he wants to fight against me. I don’t know. Maybe he’s scared….

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Khamzat Chimaev

“This is MMA; this is sport,” Chimaev continued on the topic. “Who is the gangster here? Gangster is other things. People kill each other. Maybe in this game, (Diaz) is a gangster. You can say like that. I grow up in the war, brother. This is bullsh*t for me, somebody’s a gangster. No, I’ve seen many things in my life. For me, nobody is gangster.”

One Diaz Brother Not Enough For The Borz

One of the many intriguing angles this fight would carry is the fact that it would be the return fight for both men. For Nick Diaz, it would be the return of a battle-tested legend with 37 professional fights after being away for over six years. For Chimaev, it would be the return of the most-hyped prospect in MMA when, at one point very recently, it was unclear whether his career would end before it really got started.

Should Chimaev return to action in August as he wishes, it would be nearly a year since his last smashing. When he returns, The Wolf will be looking to feast to make up for lost time. In fact, his appetite would be so large that he would love to take out not just one but both Diaz brothers. Why? Because that’s what real gangsters do.

“I was out for how many months?” Chimaev asked. “He was out many years. Coming back, it will be good. I think UFC can make good money with that, press conference and all that. I like these guys. We’re going to play some gangsters.

“I’m coming back, and we kill somebody, smash somebody. Now we have Diaz. I don’t know, both maybe someday? Both brothers. We’re going to see who is the real gangster. Chechen gangster is better than Stockton gangster.”

Keep it locked on Because should this fight actually get made, you know we will be right on top of it with all the juicy details!

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