Sunday, May 22, 2022

Chris Weidman Addresses Fans Who Think UFC 261 Injury Was Karma

Chris Weidman is not happy with people thinking he celebrated Anderson Silva’s injury at UFC 168.

Chris Weidman is currently healing up from a nasty leg injury he suffered in the opening minute of his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261. Weidman threw a low-leg kick that was checked by Hall and essentially snapped Weidman’s leg in half. He was taken out on a stretcher and has since undergone successful surgery on the injured leg. While Weidman is on the mend, he is receiving some criticism about the nature of his injury and the similarities to that of Anderson Silva’s back in 2013.

Silva suffered an eerily similar injury at the hand of Weidman when they fought at UFC 168. Fans couldn’t help but notice and thought perhaps karma was involved in a way. Weidman was being accused of gloating when Silva broke his leg and therefore now suffered the same fate. Weidman was forced to put out a statement about this accusation.

“Anyone saying I celebrated when Anderson’s leg snapped is entirely wrong,” Weidman wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t know his leg snapped. I just thought I checked his leg kick good, and he went down in pain, which often happens in sparring. Painful for a short time, but gets better quickly – kind of like a body shot. After circling the octagon, I realized that he was in severe pain by his yelling and immediately went and checked on him and tried to console him. That’s when I noticed him holding his leg in place. There was no happiness on my behalf from that point on. I then went and pushed security out of the way so his coaches could get into the octagon and he could have some familiar faces next to him during that horrific event.”

Immediately after the injury to Weidman, Silva reached out via social media to send his wishes for a speedy recovery. Weidman has been giving updates on his social media and appears to be in good spirits despite the situation. He seems positive that a return t the cage is in his future.

Do you think Weidman’s injury was a result of karma for what happened to Silva?

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