Sunday, May 22, 2022

Quote: Conor McGregor Lacks Hunger, Motivation, And Looks Hollow

Beneil Dariush has it out for the rest of the lightweight division and has his opinion on Conor McGregor.

Beneil Dariush is heading into his biggest fight yet when he takes on Tony Ferguson at UFC 262. Dariush has been a staple in the lightweight division since 2014 and has been working his way up to the top ever since. This bout against Ferguson may be next on the docket but that doesn’t mean Dariush hasn’t been sizing up the rest of the division. He spoke recently to ESPN about the division and Conor McGregor in particular.

“It’s about hunger, man. I always talk about it. For me, as an athlete, I have God-given talents. So I want to multiply those talents and give them back to God. And that well never runs dry. I always have something in that well. For him, it seemed like first, it was to make money. Well, you made that, so that well is dry,” Dariush said of McGregor.

Dariush didn’t hold back on McGregor and his lackluster record and motivation over the last few years. If Dariush were to get past Ferguson, he might be in a position to take on McGregor sometime in the near future.

“This last fight, it seemed like he’s a big family man and all that. Well, you did that. You support your family. Everybody sees it. You’re being a good dad. You’re being a good husband. That well kinda runs dry. I don’t know. He’s been the champion. That well ran dry. I don’t know what makes him hungry. When you can’t see a man’s motivation, I think he looks a little bit hollow. And I think I’m seeing that in Conor right now. He looks a little bit hollow because he doesn’t know what he wants.”

It is safe to say that Dariush would welcome a fight with McGregor at this point in time. Dariush has never looked better than he has in his last five wins. He has finished four of his last five, and is currently sitting in the number nine spot in the rankings.

As for McGregor he has now lost two of his last three but continues to be ranked number six in the lightweight division, and 15th in the pound for pound rankings. At this point, it is more because of his name than his skills that he keeps getting important fights.

Do you think Beneil Dariush is right about McGregor and his lack of motivation?

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