Friday, December 9, 2022

Conor McGregor Sets His Sights On Kamaru Usman & Welterweight Title

Conor McGregor is now saying the name of the “Boogeyman of the UFC Welterweight Division.”

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has stated in the past that he found great amusement in Conor McGregor once teasing making a run at the welterweight title only to never respond after Usman opened the door for the Irishman to get a title shot against him. Meanwhile, McGregor was swift to respond to callouts from other names during this period, such as Diego Sanchez and Anderson Silva.

Well, not only is McGregor teasing making a run at the welterweight title again, but he is now specifically mentioning fighting Usman in the near future as some form of punitive measure to discipline the champion for “copying” him. McGregor recently took issue with Usman modifying his “red panty night” line and instead using the phrase “green panty night.” And now, McGregor believes the welterweight champion is beginning to jack his fighting style, too!

“Usman even copying my shots now. Am I to fight this guy at some stage? I think so. Can’t be copying my words and my shots and not get a smack for it. I like 170. It’s mine soon,” McGregor vowed after sharing video evidence to support his claim.

“I’m a block at 170 guys. Give me till end of year at this 155 weight. I’ll get the strap and then I’ll go up again. After green fungus panties hahaha “cos any one of these fools can get it” – usman,” McGregor wrote.

Conor McGregor is 2-1 in the welterweight division, and his most recent fight at 170 against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 was one of his brightest performances. For Usman’s part, he’s already made his feelings known about how a bout with McGregor would go, stating that a fight between the two would be so brutal that we would never see the Irish superstar again afterwards.

While McGregor is looking ahead to showcasing to the world that there is only one Original Mac, he does have a formidable challenge already ahead of him in Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier at UFC 264. As big of a superstar as McGregor is, it would be practically impossible to sell a fight between him against Kamaru Usman if McGregor were to be coming off back-to-back losses.

What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor setting his sights on a fight with Kamaru Usman in the future?