Covington Blasts Usman For Taking “Easy Fight” Over #1 Contender

After an interview with ESPN, UFC champion Kamaru Usman has been called out by Colby Covington after suspicions that Usman is possibly taking the easier fight for a big payday.

In the interview, Kamaru Usman comes to the realization that the welterweight contender should remain busy and fight if he is to face off with “Nigerian Nightmare” again. Interestingly, the champion admitted that there is an element of truth to fan speculation that he is taking a fight for a bigger payday rather than to prioritize the rankings and take on the true number one contender.

Covington Responds To Usman’s Demands For More Activity

Kamaru Usman believes Colby Covington should have to show more activity despite a successful bounce-back fight against former champion Tyron Woodley. In the meantime, the champion intends to run it back with “Gamebred,” especially since the first fight garnered such large numbers on pay-per-view.

“Show me some activity. Usman said. Give me a reason. It’s not necessarily me. I know what I’m capable of doing. I’ve done it before. You can ask his jaw; I’ve done that before. Now, it’s for him to show the people that he deserves another chance to fight for the title. You can’t sit back and say ‘Oh, I beat Tyron Woodley. That’s it. I deserve a shot at the title.’ No. That doesn’t give you a title shot.”

However, by going against the status quo, the champion has upset the former title challenger, and Covington disputes the champion’s claims that he needs to show more activity.

“Spoken like a true coward who doesn’t want to face the rightful #1 contender. Covington posted on Twitter. The rankings have chosen and so have the people Marty. Just say the truth: you know you can’t win and you’d rather fight bums like Street Judas for easy pay checks. @USMAN84kg

Naturally, as the number-one contender, it’s understandable why Covington would feel the need to clap back since he’s not the one getting another crack at the title. On April 24, Usman is set to defend his title once again, but this time it will be in front of thousands of fans. Even though Covington is waiting in the wings, as of now, he remains the number-one contender.

Do you think Usman will ultimately face off with Covington again? Let us know below what you think will happen!

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