Monday, May 23, 2022

Drakkar Klose Vows To Fight Stephens On Sight With Street Rules

As far as Drakkar Klose is concerned, the matter between him and Jeremy Stephens is now beyond the confines of the UFC and has become a street issue. 

In what was no doubt a first in the history of the UFC, a fight was canceled due to an injury sustained during the face-offs. This, of course, is in reference to Jeremy Stephens’ scheduled fight against Drakkar Klose for UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum (UFC Vegas 24) that was canceled after a shove from Stephens resulted in Klose withdrawing from the fight. Two weeks removed from the fiasco, Klose has learned that he has a herniated disc in his neck as a result of the shove. 

In an appearance on the What the Heck podcast, Klose shared that he is receiving a lot of hate from fans for his withdrawal from the fight against Stephens. This is puzzling to him because he says not only was he not the one at fault, but Stephens’ shove was completely unprovoked. 

“I didn’t say anything to him,” Klose shared. “Maybe he listened to some of my interviews leading up to the fight and he got mad about that. But other than that, when we faced off I was quiet. I was in there, ready to do these face-offs and fight the next day. I think he thought it was Bellator since they compete on Friday. Wrong promotion, I think he thought he was in Bellator.

Drakkar Klose
Drakkar Klose. Image Credit: Dave Mandel of

“But I was pissed off, man. That was a big opportunity to go in there and beat him up in a co-main event. And for people to think that I really wasn’t injured, that pisses me off. I kind of want to get street justice on him. If I see him, I swear, I’m gonna get him.”

Assuming Stephens vs. Klose is able to make it to the Octagon on the next attempt, Klose would prefer the fight to take place this summer. Ideally, he would like to execute Stephens’ sentence in front of a full house of spectators, but he vows to give the Lil’ Heathen a taste of his own medicine and then some if he happens to lay eyes on him before then.

“I think they’re gonna come to Phoenix, and I hope it’s in July or August because I should be good around there and I hope the UFC books this again because I’m gonna put some pain on him,” Klose said. “I’m gonna make that ref pull me off and I’m still gonna hit him. I’m just pissed about the whole situation. It sucks, and he’s praised for it. I don’t like that.

“But when I see him, it’s on,” Klose vowed. “Every time I see him, I’m gonna fight him.”

Should Drakkar Klose and Jeremy Stephens happen to indeed bump into one another on the mean streets, let’s hope that Sean Shelby isn’t the good Samaritan nearby to break it up so they can take it to the cage this time.  

What do you make of Drakkar Klose’s heated comments directed at Jeremy Stephens and his vow to rough him up on sight?

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