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Jake Paul Warns Ben Askren’s Children Not to Watch Dad Get Brutalized

Jake Paul has a vicious warning for Ben Askren‘s family members regarding the upcoming April 17 pay-per-view.

In his third professional boxing match, Jake Paul is convinced that he will be able to knock Askren out. However, Askren has been taking the fight seriously and since enlisted the help of the renowned boxing coach Freddie Roach to help him prepare his hands for his upcoming boxing bout.

On the other hand, Youtube star Jake Paul has been seen training with Jorge Masvidal who previously knocked Askren out with a flying knee in a record five seconds. In an effort to warn Askren of the dangers of stepping into the ring, Paul spoke on his brother Logan Paul‘s Podcast (transcription via

“You think this is a f*****g game, you think is a fun payday, you think this is a way to get clout and you might be right,” Paul said in a video message to Ben Askren on Logan Paul’s podcast. “I promise April 17 will be the worst day of your f*****g life. Just as I asked Nate Robinson’s kids not to watch the fight, I will ask your kids to do the same. So, Ben Askren’s kids, wife, please don’t watch this because your dad will be bloodied, unconscious on the f*****g canvas (on) April 17. I don’t want you to see that.”

With little left to the imagination, Jake Paul let Ben Askren know that April 17 will most certainly be his night. In addition to the stern warning, he gave Askren the same treatment Nate Robinson got before the Youtube star managed to knock him out. It looks as though Jake Paul is putting an exclamation point on the trash talk since the fight is less than two weeks away.

“I mean, you already saw him get knocked out in five seconds by Masvidal,” Jake Paul continued. “Your kids are probably going to school getting made fun of because their dad got knocked out in five seconds. Then, he’s going to get knocked out by Jake Paul. So, please leave them out of this.”

By the end of his statement, Jake Paul mostly reiterated what a mistake Askren made for taking the fight. Also, he underlined the fact that he wants Askren to go down as one of the worst UFC fighters in history when all is said and done.

“You f****d up, Ben by taking this fight. April 17, I promised my team, my family, my brother who is there right next to you right now, I promise to make you go down as history as the world’s worst UFC fighter. You are dumb as f**k, bro,” Paul concluded. “April 17 I will show the world how big of a bitch you are. I will make you my bitch. I f*****g promise that.”

While some could interpret Jake Paul’s trash talk as over the line, others in the entertainment era of fighting might not see it that way. However, the beauty in this conflict is that it will be resolved April 17, and the world will find out if Askren’s MMA skills are enough to hold off the rising boxing phenom.

Who do you think will win this highly anticipated boxing match, Askren or Jake Paul? Let us know below your prediction for the fight!

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