Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Jake Paul Won’t Let Doubters Forget His “Easy” Win Over Ben Askren

Jake Paul is exactly the kind of guy to say, ‘I told you so,’ so here he is telling you he told you so.

Last night, Jake Paul turned in an easy first-round KO of Ben Askren as predicted. In what may have come across as embellished pre-fight promotion, Paul stated that Askren would not come near him and that he would KO the former Bellator champion in the first round of their boxing bout. Ultimately, the final result matched that prediction almost verbatim.

When comparing Askren to his prior victory against Nate Robinson, Paul determined that he knew going into the fight that the MMA legend would be easier work.

“I mean, I said it the whole time. I said this fight’s gonna be easier than Nate Robinson. And no one believed me per usual,” Paul told reporters in a virtual post-fight media scrum.” At one point, I was the underdog as a betting favorite. I’m not gonna let y’all forget that. I was the underdog. That sounds crazy, but I was the underdog. 

Watch Jake Paul knock out Ben Askren at Triller Fight Club PPV - Bad Left  Hook
Ben Askren Makes His Way Back Up To His Feet After Knockdown. Credit: Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Triller

“I knew it was gonna be easier because Nate Robinson was weird. He fought like a random guy on the street. I knew Ben was gonna sit there like a typical MMA fighter and just have no head movement and his body was gonna be wide open. And I’m just too powerful.”

The fight-ending sequence saw Jake Paul land a devastating right hand to Askren that sent the wrestling great down. When he returned to his feet, the referee determined that Askren had had enough, and the fight was called to a close.

When walking listeners through the fatal blow, Paul admitted that he threw the punch against his coach’s advice because he had absolutely no regard for his opponent’s skill set. 

“I set him up for sure. I was going to the body the whole fight. I was barely hitting him,” Paul said. “My check hook was fuckin’ him up, but I was setting him up the whole time. I was saving the right hand for that moment because I knew he wouldn’t see it coming. My coach in the corner was like, ‘Don’t load up! Don’t load up!’ That’s what he told me the whole camp, ‘Don’t load up! Don’t load up!’ But I was like, ‘This guy’s a joker; I’m loading up right now, Coach. Sorry.'”

Jake Paul stated that he does not know what is next for him competitively. He plans on taking time to clear his head and enjoy life after what was a troubling week for him prior to this happy ending.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul’s comments about his win over Ben Askren?

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