Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jan Blachowicz Is Willing To Fight Francis Ngannou In A Heartbeat

There is a certain UFC light heavyweight champion who would be more than willing to fight Francis Ngannou with no questions asked.

Jan Blachowicz has only had one title defense since becoming UFC light heavyweight champion, and that came against the ultra-confident middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. By earning a unanimous-decision victory, Blachowicz is 1 for 1 not only in title defenses but in superfights. If the UFC came a-ringin’ with the offer of another superfight, this time a weight class up against Francis Ngannou, Blach’ would be in.

“If UFC sends me, ‘You want to fight against Francis?’ why not?” Blachowicz said in an interview with RT Sport. “He’s got power like Predator. He has great power but nobody has power like Legendary Polish Power.”

Given how easily the UFC made the fight between Blachowicz and Adesanya and also considering that Blachowicz made no mention of money, it seems as though a Ngannou/Blachowicz fight would be a discount version, if you will, of Jones vs. Ngannou. This is mainly because Jones feels that a fight between himself and Ngannou would be a generational clash, so he should be paid like it.

Things haven’t been looking too promising in the early goings of the Jones/UFC negotiations. Considering this, Blachowicz let it be known that If Jones doesn’t want to fight Ngannou on his current contract, he would also be happy to take Ngannou’s place and fight Jones.

“I can meet him at 205 or at heavyweight, I don’t care,” Blachowicz said of Jones. “Jon Jones, I think he will stay at heavyweight. But if he changes his mind, I’m waiting for him.”

Long prior to fighting Adesanya, Blachowicz had already stated this same desire to fight Jones anywhere at any time. From the looks of things, though, it could be a long wait until we see Jones compete again. Meanwhile, Blachowicz currently has a targeted light heavyweight title fight against Glover Teixeira on a date yet to be determined. 

If somehow a fight between Blachowicz and Ngannou happened and Blachowicz emerged victorious, that would make him the first man in UFC history to beat two current champions while simultaneously holding a title themself and would pretty much secure his spot as the #1 P4P fighter in the promotion.

Would you be interested in seeing a superfight between Jan Blachowicz and Francis Ngannou?

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