Monday, May 23, 2022

Jon Jones Makes Renewed Vow To Run Through Heavyweight Division

Jon Jones‘s negotiations to make his heavyweight debut may be lagging, but his drive and determination certainly are not.

You would never know that Jon Jones is on the sidelines as an active competitor by glancing at his social media posts. When he’s not involved in Twitter beefs with Israel Adesanya, Daniel Cormier, Chael Sonnen, or venting about his contract negotiations, he’s giving the public an insight into how his heavyweight transition is going. Thursday was one such day, and his progress and motivation level both look very promising.

First, Jones shared the following video of himself sprinting in place at an impressive rate of sustained speed. Check it out:

“It feels great unlocking a different level in my athleticism.”

After a fan complimented Jones on his frame, “Bones” shared that his gains were not picked up easily.

“It’s taken a year, it’s been a lot of hard work. But I have to credit all my trainers. We definitely have game (sic) this weight the right way. Should have a rock solid six pack this time next month.”

Finally, with an invigorated body and mind in tow, Jones decided to springboard off this video evidence to make a vow that the heavyweight division will be his for the conquering like the light heavyweight realm before it.

“Ran through the light heavyweight division on talent, about to run through the heavyweight division like dominoes off pure hard work.”

There have been no further updates or developments on when Jon Jones may be returning to competition, but the MMA world is well aware of who his next opponent is targeted to be: UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. However, with Jones and the UFC failing to come to terms as of yet, the promotion is reportedly moving forward with a title fight between Ngannou and Derrick Lewis instead. Jones did split with his management team this week, though, so perhaps those talks will get some new legs underneath them and make the necessary heavyweight gains right alongside Jones’s physique.

Do you think Jon Jones will fulfill this vow of running through the UFC’s heavyweight division the same way he did light heavyweight?

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