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Jon Jones Plans To Be Same Size Or Bigger Than Ngannou In Showdown

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has made it clear that he is bulking up to the point where his physique could rival heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou’s by the time they face off.

Initially, after beating the last two contenders in close decision victories, Jon Jones decided it was finally time to move up in weight after 11 successful title defenses across two reigns as a light heavyweight champion. Now as the former champion, he continues to advertise bulking up on social media, and he is determined to be as big or bigger than the heavyweight champion Ngannou.

Jon Jones Bulking Up And Looking To Get Bigger Than Ngannou

Overall, Jon Jones has been taking his time to patiently move up to heavyweight. Surely after seeing Ngannou knock out former champion Stipe Miocic, he has concluded that size will be a factor (h/t

“Right now, we’re just training.” Jon Jones said to Fight Hype. “We’re training and just focusing on things we can control, which is being in the best shape and I think me just getting in shape sells the fight even more. People want to see two titans and Francis is already a titan and I’m trying to become a titan. I want to look like a titan.

Jon Jones is cleared to return from suspension - Los Angeles Times
Jon Jones Hits The Scales As A Light Heavyweight. Credit: Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

“I want to be the same size as this guy if not bigger when we get out there. I’ve got a lot of work to do. Hopefully, the fight happens. We’ve just got to stay focused, stay training, and see what the UFC is going to do on their part.”

Overall, Jones seems very pleased with how training is going and is putting in the heavy work. In addition, the former champion seemed happy that he won’t be worrying about a weight cut for his upcoming fight, whoever the opponent may be.

“It feels awesome to train heavy. Good to eat whatever I want, obviously I’m on a great diet right now but get to eat tons of food, a lot of rest,” Jon Jones said. “Right now, I’m just living like a total athlete. I’m excited to compete at my full potential going in there without a weight cut. I have two brothers that are really big boys and I feel like this is the guy I was supposed to be the whole time.”

It will definitely be interesting to see the approach Jon Jones takes if/when the two inevitably butt heads. While speed is always helpful against Ngannou, perhaps the weight of Jones will be something the sitting champion is unfamiliar with, especially in wrestling heavy or clinch exchanges.

What do you make of the comments of Jon Jones do you think he will be bigger than heavyweight champ Ngannou when they eventually meet? Let us know below!

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