Saturday, May 21, 2022

Jon Jones Sends Heartwarming Message To White About Negotiations

Spring is in the air, everyone, and Jon Jones decided to share his warm thoughts with Dana White and the rest of the world on Thursday.

Jon Jones and Dana White have never had the best relationship according to Jones himself. They haven’t necessarily had any bad blood, but they have butted heads a few times publicly in the past. Recently, Jones shared his belief that White just doesn’t like him and that, if true, he would rather go elsewhere. It also wasn’t long ago that White claimed he and Jones had the best conversation they ever had. This, of course, was before he implied to the world that Jones was afraid to fight Francis Ngannou, which prompted a blistering response from Bones.

Perhaps positive talks have resumed between the two because Jones seems to think that a deal for a Ngannou title fight will get made. In fact, Jones already has a picture painted in his mind of what the scene will be like between him and White when that magic moment happens:

@danawhite and I after we get this deal done @ufc,” Jones wrote.

The video shows the reunion of military friends after three years, with giddy laughter and vigorous hugs being shared between the two. It’s truly touching to imagine the moment being shared between Jones and White. It’s also a far cry from these comments from Jones just a few days ago:

“Please just cut me already. You would rather have me around and treat me like shit. I swear the UFC industry has been nothing but depressing for me. I feel like my wings are being clipped. Just fucking let me go. What type of weird shit is this?”

We can put those comments in the rearview if Jones’s sentimental prediction comes to fruition, though. With a Jones vs. Ngannou fight booked, the money that Jones and White stand to make out of the arrangement could very well form a bond for life, just like those two dear friends who served our armed forces.

What’s your takeaway from Jones’s message to Dana White?

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