Sunday, May 22, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Gives Usman Tips To Beat Covington In Rematch

Jorge Masvidal is the last guy to lose to champion Kamaru Usman, but he is willing to reach out and help his former foe.

Jorge Masvidal has been matched up with both men who will be battling it out next for the UFC welterweight title. He lost to champion Kamaru Usman twice, most recently via a nasty TKO just a few weeks ago. When the UFC announced that Colby Covington should be next to vie for the title, Masvidal felt inclined to offer his help to the champ.

“I think Kamaru keeps his hands up and comes to fight Colby the same fight that he did the first time. He just puts a thorough beating on him,” Masvidal told ESPN. “Colby will try and get some takedowns on him, and it might not work. Colby’s gas tank with other wrestlers is not something he wants to do. That’s why he didn’t take a shot in the first fight because he knows he’s gonna have to get tired.”

Masvidal and Convington have some bad blood stemming back to the days when they were training together. The two used to be training partners and even friends until a falling out. Since then, they have quickly become enemies. Covington has been critical of Masvidal and accused him of cherry-picking fights. The hate has grown so much so that Masvidal is willing to help Usman take Covington out for the second time.

“As long as Kamaru is in wrestling shape and comes in the same as the first time, hands up, pressuring him, I think he breaks him again. His hands are where they need to be at right now. I bet he’s gonna have more confidence than ever because he knows I’m somebody that’s never been finished so he can definitely take that with a pride of honor, put his hard head on, keep getting the work. I think he gets a finish on Colby.”

Covington has since changed camps and doesn’t train with Masvidal anymore. With Masvidal sharing secrets with his opponent, perhaps Covington will want to face Masvidal down the road. Up until now, they have avoided stepping into the Octagon with each other, but the more the feud grows, the more likely the fight is to happen.

Do you think Jorge Masvidal is trying to set up a fight with Colby Covington next?

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