Kevin Holland Responds To Israel Adesanya’s Threat To “Rape” Him

Kevin Holland feels that the backlash following Israel Adesanya’s controversial comments is much ado about nothing.

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya recently made headlines for making off-color remarks about fellow middleweight Kevin Holland. During an exchange on Instagram, Adesanya told Holland that he would “rape” him. As a result, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson condemned these comments, and BMW dropped Adesanya from its sponsorship deal. Adesanya has since apologized for the comments, but we have yet to hear from Holland regarding his thoughts on the matter.

Kevin Holland Guarantees That Adesanya Wouldn’t Rape Him

Kevin Holland
Kevin Holland

Adesanya has been severely reproached for his controversial comment, but Kevin Holland won’t be joining that list of critics. When interviewed by ESPN earlier this week, Holland expressed that he didn’t understand what the big deal was and that, not unlike the “boys will be boys” expression, fighters will be fighters.

“I hate to piss people off, but it’s simply fight talk,” Holland said. “It’s simply fight talk. Like Marvin Vettori says he doesn’t like the guy; he doesn’t wish anything good for him; I’m not that guy. I don’t wish anything bad on you until I’m the one doing bad to you. I threw a little message after like, ‘Watch what you say to me because fines might happen.’ But that was just joking. 

“So BMW, don’t worry about that. It was simply a little fight talk. I guarantee you he would rape nothing. He would not ever, in his life…I don’t think he would attempt them type of things, so throw that out the window.”

Kevin Holland also took the time to translate what he believes Adesanya was truly saying when he made the rape remark.  

“He was simply saying that he would dominate me in a game,” Holland explained. “And he should throw that out the window as well because being too confident can put you in a very bad situation as he seen in his Jan fight and as I seen in the Derek Brunson fight. So no, not even worried about it. I wish (BMW) would have never did that to him.”

As of today, no other repercussions have been levied on Adesanya for his thoughtless remark, but Holland would still love the opportunity to smack him around anyway non-related to his “rape threat.” In the meantime, Big Mouth will have his big hands full with the fistful that is the #6-ranked Marvin Vettori this Saturday.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Holland’s reaction to Israel Adesanya’s rape remark?

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