Saturday, May 21, 2022

Leon Edwards Gloats Over Masvidal Loss: I Told You So

Leon Edwards is feeling a sense of vindication after old nemesis Jorge Masvidal got knocked out in the UFC 261 main event.

It has been two years since Leon Edwards consumed one of the most memorable meals of his entire life when Jorge Masvidal dished out a free helping of a three-piece and a soda to the Brit. Edwards would still love to hand Masvidal a return for this transaction, but to date, he’s been left holding the bag of reminders of Gamebred’s backstage sneak attack. 

Though Edwards is still yet to gain retribution, he got to see the next best thing. He was able to witness Masvidal get knocked clean out for the first time in his UFC career. Judging from his Twitter post immediately following the moment, he seemed to take great satisfaction from this viewing:

“I been saying Jorge is shit for 3 years now.  Do you believe me yet? #fakeBMF

Indeed, not unlike champion Kamaru Usman, Leon Edwards has been calling Jorge Masvidal a journeyman for quite some time. He also lobbied repeatedly to fight Masvidal after the backstage confrontation, even expressing a desire to fight him in the streets.

Edwards did not get that wish, but who he will be fighting next is a recent opponent of Masvidal, the self-proclaimed original BMF, Nate Diaz. If Edwards is victorious in this fight, he would like to take a crack at Usman next and show Masvidal how it’s done.

“See you soon champ @Usman84KG, I know you dont want to fight that hillbilly clown whos jaw you already broke. I’ll go do my part on may 15th then we running it back #strapseason

This may be wishful thinking, as Dana White has fully committed to a rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington next. If Edwards defeats Diaz, that would perhaps be the most likely time for “Rocky” to finally getting the Masvidal fight, though, if he still wanted it. Or maybe Usman’s KO win at UFC 261 was satisfaction enough for Edwards to no longer need to revisit his “three-piece and a soda” baggage.

What do you make of Leon Edwards’ comments following Jorge Masvidal’s loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 261?

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