Saturday, May 21, 2022

Marlon Vera Claims Sean O’Malley Has Rejected Rematch Offer

According to Marlon Vera, Sean O’Malley has turned down a rematch between the two bantamweights.

At UFC 252, Marlon “Chito” Vera defeated Sean O’Malley via TKO in the very first round. On paper, it doesn’t get much more decisive and absolute than that, right? The only problem is that O’Malley along with some others are of the opinion that Vera’s win was flukish in nature.

According to a medical expert, O’Malley’s leg was debilitated due to Vera’s toe hitting O’Malley’s peroneal nerve, a truly rare occurrence that was the beginning of the end of the contest. The fight would ultimately hit the mat where Vera would then close The Suga Show with a big elbow from on top. 

After the fight, O’Malley has maintained that this was not a true loss and that he is still undefeated. He initially called for a rematch with Vera to resolve any lingering doubt on who the better man truly is. Vera’s retort was to inform O’Malley that he is a “bitch forever.”

Vera Claims Rematch Has Been Offered & Declined By Sean O’Malley

In recent weeks, O’Malley has seemingly moved on from the prospect of a rematch against Chito Vera. He stated that the fight no longer interests him until Vera wins some fights and makes himself relevant. Over the weekend, “Suga” Sean called out Dominick Cruz for a fight instead, an idea no doubt influenced by Chael Sonnen’s false report that Cruz originally requested the pairing.

In an interesting turn of events, however, Chito Vera disclosed via Twitter that a rematch between him and O’Malley was offered by the UFC. He claims that he accepted the fight, but O’Malley has either declined the bout or has, up to this point, given the UFC the ol’ silent treatment.

“He declined. I got offered, said yes  and silence from him,” Vera wrote in response to a fan asking about a potential rematch against O’Malley.

There is no word on when the rematch was offered or if said offer is still on the table. One thing you can be certain of is that we’ll have the update for you right here on if/when there is any update on this developing story.

Do you think there should be a rematch between Marlon Vera and Sean O’Malley?

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