Friday, May 27, 2022

Marvin Vettori Responds to Till’s X-Rays: “It’s Still On You To Show Up”

Marvin Vettori is still not fully satisfied with Darren Till or his explanation for pulling out of their UFC on ABC 2 fight.

The stage was set for a clash between top-10 middleweights Darren Till and Marvin Vettori to take place tomorrow night at UFC on ABC 2. Unfortunately, less than two weeks out from the event, Till suffered a broken collarbone during training and had to pull out of the fight.

During media week, Vettori called the withdrawal “suspicious,” which prompted Till to absolutely unleash on Vettori in an Instagram rant. Tucked within the insults and name-calling, Till also promised to send Vettori his x-ray results to prove the authenticity of the injury. Marvin Vettori has since confirmed the reception of said x-rays, but his overall reaction was still nonchalant to the evidence and still wants to fight the Scouser ASAP.

“Good. He should have done that,” Vettori told the Schmo of the x-rays being sent to him by Till. “Good. OK, yeah, he’s hurt. Darren, recover, we’ll see what’s up.”

Though “The Italian Dream” may be slightly letting up on Till now that the evidence is in, ultimately, he still believes the onus was on Till to ensure that he made it to their scheduled bout.

“It’s still on you to show up,” Vettori said. “But OK, yeah, at least you provided a picture. I believe it a little bit more. And I think he should have done that before me asking for it.”

There is no word yet on how long Till will be out, but for Vettori, he will be competing tomorrow night against his new opponent, Kevin Holland. When Till is recovered, perhaps he and Vettori can settle their differences inside of a cage the way everyone should.

What are your thoughts on Marvin Vettori’s reaction to Darren Till’s x-ray results?

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