Monday, May 23, 2022

McGregor Says Poirier Trilogy Is Off After War of Words About Donation

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier have engaged in a full-on war of words that has reached a level that may have canceled their UFC 264 fight.

Yesterday, Dustin Poirier issued a response to Conor McGregor’s fourth-round KO prediction by mostly just outing him for reneging on his agreement to donate to The Good Fight Foundation. Ahead of UFC 257, McGregor stated that he would donate to the foundation, but according to Poirier, McGregor and his team were unreachable after the event. Not long after Poirier’s tweet to this effect, McGregor addressed the accusation on Twitter.

“A donation, not a debt. We’ve been awaiting the plans for the money that never came. I do with all my donations. Know where it’s going dot for dot. Otherwise it goes walking. As is the case with a lot of these foundations, sadly. You took the McG over the belt shows I was right.”

An interpretation of the above comments is that McGregor is accusing Poirier of being money-driven as evident by him selecting to fight him instead of for the title. Thus, McGregor believes this character revelation proves that he was right to want the usage of his donation money to be preemptively audited to ensure there is no misappropriation of the funds. Poirier swiftly responded to the above tweet.

“100% never a debt. You offered, we accepted, and like I said your Team never responded to our emails regarding the process of where funds would be put to work! July 10th you will taste defeat yet Again”

McGregor would then proceed to go scorched earth on Poirier, including striking a match and supposedly burning down plans for a trilogy fight against Poirier at UFC 264.

“My team does their due diligence to make sure every donation meets the mark. My generosity is known. You will pay with your brain for this attempt at smearing my name. Shooting ass shelling ass bitch. Little bitch kicks from a shell. Good luck when you’re caught. You’re fucked.”

“It’s Mardi Gras bitches get your tits out for it,” McGregor declared.

“You’re ripped you inbred hillbilly. Why do you wink with your ears? You fucking brain dead hillbilly. 500k with no plan in place. Ye hang tight. Fool. You must be new to money. The fight is off btw. I’m going to fight someone else on the 10th. Good luck on your old contract kid.”

Thus far, Poirier’s only response to McGregor’s rant was a simple “OK” along with a video showing him landing the finishing blow to McGregor at UFC 257:

As for the fight being canceled, this could be a case of cooler heads eventually prevailing and nothing changing. In theory, however, it is possible that McGregor may be pulling out of the trilogy fight. As of the most recent reports, Poirier signed his contract, and McGregor had fully committed to the July 10 date as well. However, the fight was never officially announced by the UFC, nor has it been reported that McGregor has actually signed the contract.

You’re definitely going to want to keep it locked on for this one, as this is a developing story that could have many twists and turns before you can blink.

What are your thoughts on this exchange between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier?

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