Friday, May 27, 2022

Mike Perry After UFC on ABC 2 Loss: “I Used To Be Great,” Till Offers Help

Mike Perry is uncertain about his future after a second straight loss, but he does know that he will be giving his next fight all he has.

Mike Perry is in low spirits after losing to Daniel Rodriguez at UFC on ABC 2. Once viewed as one of the most promising prospects in the UFC‘s welterweight division, Perry has now lost two straight fights and has a below-.500 UFC record of 7-8. Still only 29 years old, time is on Perry’s side to continue making improvements while putting on entertaining fights for the fans.

However, according to a statement released on his Instagram following the loss, he may have one more chance to put on such a performance inside the UFC. Perry only has one fight remaining on his UFC contract, and his confidence seems to have taken a hit going into that upcoming contest, even if his drive has not.

“I use to be great. Idk what happened. I have a fight left on my contract. I’ll train hard. I’ll give it my all for my family. Whatever I have to do to give them a better life. I’ll bleed every day for them if I have to,” Perry wrote.

If Perry does lose his next fight, that would mark three consecutive losses and would make for an overall promotional record of 7-9. Perry has often been classified as a fan favorite. But even still, under these circumstances, the UFC opting not to re-sign the Michigan native would be unsurprising if not expected.

Darren Till Offers Assistance To Perry

After viewing the loss, Darren Till has volunteered to offer more structure to Perry as a last-ditch effort to get “Platinum” back on track. Perry has become somewhat notorious for recently fighting without a conventional corner team of coaches, and his BFF is offering to come to his rescue, even if it means hosting his family in Liverpool.

“Got so much time & respect for Perry. But here is the main important factor for me: No team, NO FOUNDATIONS!!! You need a good solid team around you, who are willing to go to great lengths with you. And then your coach, I am lucky enough to not just have a coach but as I believe a true master of all the arts and as humble and deadly as they come!

“If Perry fancies coming here for a few months, I would more than be willing to accommodate him and his family, and I’m sure my team would feel the same way. Hope whatever he chooses in life, he puts him & family 1st. x”

Mike Perry has defeated names like Paul Felder, Alex Oliveira, and Jake Ellenberger and is the owner of four performance bonuses during his five-year UFC run. Till and Perry have discussed potentially becoming opponents many times in the past, but now Till looks to become a full-time ally to help Perry reach achievements such as the ones mentioned above and much more before it’s too late.

What do you think the future holds for “Platinum” Mike Perry?

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