Monday, May 23, 2022

Ngannou Tells Jones Why He’s Already Lost After Jones’ Latest Demand

We still have a ways to go before Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones come to blows, but they just had a pretty big exchange from miles apart.

The fight that the MMA community and indeed the entire combat sports world is talking about is a potential dream matchup between UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and the former light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones. All parties have expressed interest in the bout taking place, but Jones has been adamant about the need to be paid more money for such a gargantuan fight.

Yesterday, Jones shared an update on the progress of his move up to heavyweight and vowed to run through the division “like dominoes,” just as he did light heavy. He would later transmit the following tweets, assuming the role of a patriot tasked with reclaiming the heaviest chunk of gold in the land.

“The greatest title in the world is coming back to the greatest country in the world,” Jones wrote.

“If you think you are going to run through America, you are wrong.”

In addition to Jones vowing to gain retribution for the red, white, and blue, he also made another demand before he agrees to fight Ngannou. This time, it had nothing to do with money and was directed at Ngannou himself.

“Motivate me more @francis_ngannou.”

Francis Ngannou received Jones’s message loud and clear, and he had the following retort for the light heavyweight great.

“I shouldn’t have to motivate you Jonny…if it’s not in you already you’ve already lost. I know my motivation”

This has the ring of a mic drop to it, but Jones is known for some of the lengthier Twitter battles in the game, so this could just be a case of Round 1: Ngannou, with Jones warming up to take over in the championship rounds.

Whoever ultimate gets the better of this exchange, let’s all just hope that it eventually spills into a UFC Octagon for everyone’s sake.

What are your thoughts on this exchange between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou?

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