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Rose Namajunas Warns Valentina Shevchenko About Jessica Andrade

Before UFC 261 takes place, former strawweight champion Rose Namajunas has a stern warning for Valentina Shevchenko before she fights Jessica Andrade.

Since the former champion Rose Namajunas has trained with Shevchenko in the past, she had some words of wisdom for the champion before she attempts to take out Andrade. It seems Namajunas is warning Shevchenko of the immense power Andrade carries but realizes they each have a viable path to victory in their upcoming bout at UFC 261.

Rose Namajunas Talks Shevchenko/Andrade Pairing

Rose Namajunas believes that Shevchenko cannot afford to get comfortable when facing off with the Brazilian title challenger. In an interview with ESPN, the former champion spoke about the potential matchup.

“I think they both have opportunities to expose each other. Rose Namajunas said to ESPN. Valentina just has to make sure that she doesn’t sleep on her. It’s tough to say. Because all it takes for Andrade is just to connect one time. I’ve never been hit like that before. And I’ve trained with Valentina, and Valentina has some serious power as well, but Adrade hits different. So Andrade could put a chink in Valentina’s armor. But that’s really hard to find.”

The former champion is realistic and understands that anybody can be caught including Shevchenko, and after going two times with Andrade, Namajunas feels she can tell her a few tips for taking on “The Bullet.”

“Andrade gotta watch out for that left high kick, the left bod kick. Rose Namajunas continued. And honestly, that’s kind of the main thing. But Valentina’s grappling is also super stellar, so they both have really dangerous tools to pose against each other.”

In the end, at UFC 261 the world will witness if Andrade can piledrive another champion into the mat or if she’s just another victim on Shevchenko’s hit list. Without a doubt, it will be one of Shevchenko’s biggest tests to date.

Who do you think will take the strawweight belt home, Shevchenko or Andrade? Let us know in the comment section below!

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