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Stipe Miocic On Francis Ngannou Trilogy: I Want To Get Back What’s Mine

The former 2X UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has his eyes set on the champion Francis Ngannou and is determined to get the belt back for a third time.

At UFC 260 former champion Stipe Miocic had a crazy first round with Ngannou, mostly because it was clear that the challenger’s grappling prowess improved by a large margin. In particular, the challenger was able to stuff Miocic’s takedowns as he was unable to do that in their first meeting at UFC 220 back in 2018. Following the first round, Miocic swung a wild right hand that resulted in Ngannou clipping him with a hook that knocked the former champion out cold.

Stipe Miocic Looking For Third Title Reign After Reflecting On Recent Loss

While Stipe Miocic admits that his striking got wild, he explained that he waited a few seconds in hesitation, which helped assist in the knockout blow that Ngannou delivered. On The Pat McAfee Show featured on YouTube, the former champion detailed how he saw the fight playing out from his perspective.

“I felt good. I gave him the first round, but I wasn’t worried because he’s usually stronger in the first round, I felt him gassing a little bit,” Stipe Miocic said on the Pat McAfee show. “He was still good, but I was like okay we still have four more rounds to go. Then, I hit him with that right hand and hesitated for a split second and got caught with that hook, what are you going to do, it sucks.”

Overall, it seems the former champion understands that perhaps he was overzealous while the fight lasted. Determined to right the ship, the heavyweight legend is eager to take back the title that was originally his–twice.

“Yeah, I want to get back what’s mine,” Miocic said commandingly.

The rubber match is not set in stone as there have been plenty of talks about the new heavyweight champion taking on an old challenger in Derrick Lewis. Not to mention, the division has the light-heavyweight great Jon Jones lurking in the shadows as well, although some believe he is already pricing himself out of the fight with Ngannou. With no shortage of options, it will be interesting to see what route the champion chooses to explore first.

In order to be more prepared for a third fight with Ngannou, Stipe Miocic believes that putting on some extra weight will help his performance. The former 2X heavyweight champion’s increase in weight could pay dividends in the grappling portions of the third fight since he was outmuscled in their second meeting.

Stipe Miocic Plans To Make A Big Change For Trilogy Fight

“I’m trying to get to 250. I just made 230 last time not because I tried but because of training. I’m really going to stick to try and add some weight and mass,” Miocic concluded. “I felt good, but 20 pounds will help, I will feel a lot stronger. He’s a big dude.”

Despite other viable options on the table, the appetite for a third fight between Miocic and champion Ngannou is there. However, now that Ngannou wears the crown, the Cameroonian will certainly have a bigger say on the trajectory of his career moving forward.

What is your appetite to see a rubber match between HW champion Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic? Let us know here at MMANews what you think!

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